Submissions from 2016

Inter-War Czech Women's Magazines: Constructing Gender, Consumer Culture and Identity in Central Europe, Karla Huebner

The Czech 1930s through Toyen, Karla Huebner

Submissions from 2014

Review of Art and Life in Modernist Prague: Karel Čapek and his Generation, 1911-1938, Karla Huebner

Submissions from 2013

In Pursuit of Toyen: Feminist Biography in an Art-Historical Context, Karla Huebner

Submissions from 2011

Girl, Trampka, nebo Žába? The Czechoslovak New Woman, Karla Huebner


Adjunct Faculty Certification 101: Introduction to Teaching and Learning, Kent Zimmerman and Sally A. Struthers

Submissions from 2010


Fire Smoulders in the Veins: Toyen's Queer Desire and Its Roots in Prague Surrealism, Karla Huebner

The Whole World Revolves Around It: Sex Education and Sex Reform in First Republic Czech Print Media, Karla Huebner

Submissions from 2009


Baccalaureate and Associate Degree Relationships Panel, Stephen Black, Charles Grieb, Sally A. Struthers, and Sally Paronson

Submissions from 2007


The Roman World: Religions and Everyday Life, Sally A. Struthers

Submissions from 2006

Coptic Textiles, Sally A. Struthers

Crossroads of Culture, Sally A. Struthers

Hexagonal Jug with Christian Symbols, Sally A. Struthers

Introduction - The Roman World: Religions and Everyday Life Exhibit, Sally A. Struthers

Mithras Slaying the Bull, Sally A. Struthers

Reliquary Shrine, Sally A. Struthers

Roman Coinage, Sally A. Struthers

Roman Glass, Sally A. Struthers

Roman Jewelry, Sally A. Struthers

Sarcophagus, Sally A. Struthers

Torso of Aphrodite, Sally A. Struthers

Submissions from 2004

Greek Poet Sappho Dies, Sally A. Struthers

Submissions from 2003


The Sanctuary Rhyton, Karla Huebner

Submissions from 2002


Donatello’s David: The Putti Speak, Sally A. Struthers


Creative Approaches to Enhance Student Learning, Teaming, and Collaboration, Sally A. Struthers, Ned Young, and Gary Mitchner

Submissions from 2000

Antonia the Elder, Sally A. Struthers

Antonia the Younger, Sally A. Struthers

Callicrates, Sally A. Struthers

Crete, Sally A. Struthers


Oh, What a Tangled Web: Three Designs for Web-Based Courses, Sally A. Struthers and Ned Young

Submissions from 1997


Male Nudes by Women: An Anthology (Review), Karla Huebner


The Invention of Pornography: Obscenity and the Origins of Modernity, 1500-1800 (Review), Karla Huebner

Submissions from 1996


New Zealand Women Artists: A Survey of 150 Years by Anne Kirker (Review), Karla Huebner


Sight Lines: Women's Art and Feminist Perspectives in Australia by Sandy Kirby (Review), Karla Huebner


Surrealism in Exile and the Beginning of the New York School by Martica Sawin (Review), Karla Huebner

Animal Symbolism and the Seven Deadly Sins in the Art of Hieronymus Bosch, Sally A. Struthers


The Seven Deadly Sins of Hieronymus Bosch, Sally A. Struthers

Submissions from 1995


A Natural History of Love by Diane Ackerman (Review), Karla Huebner


The Voices of Women Artists by Wendy Slatkin (Review), Karla Huebner

Scientific Aspects of Leonardo da Vinci's Drawings: An Interdisciplinary Model, Sally A. Struthers

Submissions from 1992

Donatello's Putti : Their Genesis, Importance, and Influence on Quattrocento Sculpture and Painting, Sally A. Struthers