Most Recent Additions*


More Inexpensive Videotaped Demonstrations
John J. Fortman and Rubin Battino


The Bird Scarer (Combustion) Demo
Rubin Battino, James D. Arehart, Neville W. Foot, and James B. Stott


Comments on the Safety of the Methanol Cannon
Rubin Battino and John J. Fortman


The Voltaic Pile: A Stimulating General Chemistry Experiment
Pirketta Scharlin and Rubin Battino


The Disco Analogy
Rubin Battino


The Human Salt Bridge
Pirketta Scharlin and Rubin Battino


Rubin Battino


Heating Values of Fuels: An Introductory Experiment
Timothy R. Rettich, Rubin Battino, and David J. Karl


An Overhead Projector Voltmeter and Thermometer
Ben E. Barnett, Joseph A. Pollock, and Rubin Battino


The MINC Computer in the Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Geoffrey S. Waldo, Carol A. Schulze, and Rubin Battino

*Updated as of 05/02/16.