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Blunt Splenic Injury in Adults: Multi-institutional Study of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Andrew B. Peitzman, Brian Heil, Louis Rivera, Michael B. Federle, Brian G. Harbrecht, Keith D. Clancy, Martin Croce, Blaine L. Enderson, John A. Morris, David Shatz, J. Wayne Meredith, Juan B. Ochoa, Samir M. Fakhry, James G. Cushman, Joseph P. Minei, Mary C. McCarthy, Fred A. Luchette, Richard Townsend, Glenn Tinkoff, Ernest F. Block, Steven Ross, Eric R. Frykberg, Richard M. Bell, Frank Davis III, Leonard Weireter, Michael B. Shapiro, G. Patrick Kealey, Fred Rogers, Larry M. Jones, John B. Cone, C. Michael Dunham, and Clyde E. McAuley


APACHE II and ISS Scores as Predictors of Nosocomial Infections in Trauma Patients
Huda Hurr, Bradford Hawley, John S. Czachor, Ronald J. Markert, and Mary C. McCarthy


Prospective Study of Blunt Aortic Injury: Multicenter Trial of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Timothy Fabian, J. David Richardson, Martin A. Croce, J. Stanley Smith, George J. Rodman, Paul A. Kearney, William Flynn, Arthur L. Ney, John B. Cone, Fred A. Luchette, David H. Wisner, Donald J. Scholten, Bonnie L. Beaver, Alasdair K. Conn, Robert Coscia, David B. Hoyt, John A. Morris, J. Duncan Harviel, Andrew B. Peitzman, Raymond P. Bynoe, Daniel L. Diamond, Matthew Wall, Jonathan D. Gates, Juan A. Asensio, Mary C. McCarthy, Murray J. Girotti, Mary VanWijngaarden, Thomas H. Cogbill, Marc A. Levison, Charles Aprahamian, John E. Sutton, C. F. Allen, Erwin F. Hirsch, Kimberly Nagy, Ben L. Bachulis, Charles R. Bales, Marc J. Shapiro, Michael H. Metzler, Vincent R. Conti, Christopher C. Baker, Michael P. Bannon, Gage M. Ochsner, Michael H. Thomason, Jonathan R. Hiatt, Keith O'Malley, Farouck N. Obeid, Perry Gray, Paul E. Bankey, M. Margaret Knudson, Donna Lynn Dyess, and Blaine L. Enderson


Nonoperative Management of Splenic Trauma
Mary C. McCarthy and J. S. Calder


Traumatic Lumbar Hernia: A Seat Belt Injury
Mary C. McCarthy and Gary W. Lemmon


From Data to Actionable Knowledge: Big Data Challenges in the Web of Things
Payam Barnaghi, Amit P. Sheth, and Cory Andrew Henson


Internet of Things: The Story So Far
Payam Barnaghi and Amit P. Sheth


Craniofacial Trauma in Injured Motorcyclists: The Impact of Helment Usage
R. M. Johnson, Mary C. McCarthy, S. F. Miller, and James B. Peoples


Determination of Brain Death With Use of Color Duplex Scanning in the Intensive Care Unit Setting
Gary W. Lemmon, Randall W. Franz, Nancy Roy, Mary C. McCarthy, and James B. Peoples


Predictors of Positive CT Scans in the Trauma Patient with Minor Head Injury
S. G. Moran, Mary C. McCarthy, D. E. Uddin, and R. J. Poelstra


Risk of Pulmonary Emboli in Patients with Pelvic Fractures
P. M. Buerger, J. B. Peoples, G. W. Lemmon, and Mary C. McCarthy


Autotransfusion in Trauma - A Comparison of 2 Systems
B. R. Plaisier, Mary C. McCarthy, D. F. Canal, K. Solotkin, T. Broadie, J. Glover, and J. Plaisier


A Model for Teaching Medical Students in an Ambulatory Surgery Setting
Debra A. DeRosa, Gary L. Dunnington, Ajit K. Sachdeva, Joan Feltovich, Stephen B. Leapman, Robert Cohen, J. Roland Folse, Karen E. Deveney, M. Alex Jacocks, and Mary C. McCarthy


Prediction of Injury Caused by Penetrating Wounds to the Abdomen, Flank, and Back
Mary C. McCarthy, Gregory A. Lowdermilk, David F. Canal, and Thomas A. Broadie


The Value of SPECT-thallium Scanning in Screening for Myocardial Contusion
Mary C. McCarthy, Peter M. Pavlina, David K. Evans, Thomas A. Broadie, Hee M. Park, and Donald S. Schauwecker

*Updated as of 12/22/14.