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John R. Cutcliffe and Paul S. Links


Clinical Supervision: Origins, Overviews and Rudiments
John Fowler and John R. Cutcliffe


Introduction: Global Perspectives on Fundamental Themes in Clinical Supervision
John R. Cutcliffe, Kristiina Hyrkas, and John Fowler


Is Research with Suicidal Participants a Risky Business?
Rahel Eynan, Yvonne Bergmans, Jesmin Antony, John R. Cutcliffe, Henry G. Harder, Munazzah Ambreen, Ken Balderson, and Paul S. Links


A Mixed Methods Study of the Increased Risk of Suicide Following Discharge: a Long Road Ahead
John R. Cutcliffe, Paul S. Links, R. Ahern, M. Ambreen, K. Balderson, Yvonne Bergmans, Henry G. Harder, and Rosane Nisenbaum


John R. Cutcliffe


Transcending Suicidality: Facilitating Re-Vitalizing Worthiness
Evelyn Gordon, Chris Stevenson, and John R. Cutcliffe


Routledge International Handbook of Clinical Suicide Research
John R. Cutcliffe, Jose Carlos Santos, Paul S. Links, Juveria Zaheer, Henry G. Harder, Frank Campbell, Rod McCormick, Kari Harder, Yvonne Bergmans, and Rahel Eynan


Understanding User Triads on Facebook
Derek Doran, Alberta de la Rosa Algarin, and Swapna S. Gokhale


Using Social Influence to Predict Subscriber Churn
Derek Doran, Veena Mendiratta, Chitra Phadke, Dan Kushnir, and Huseyin Uzunalioglu


Suicide and Self-Harm: Patient Care and Management
John R. Cutcliffe and Jose Carlos Santos


Routledge Handbook of Clinical Supervision: Fundamental International Themes
John R. Cutcliffe, Kristiina Hyrkas, and John Fowler

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