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In 2012, APRI (formerly CUPA) partnered with the Champaign Health District to conduct a youth health assessment with students in Champaign County schools. The assessment is part of a larger community health assessment which also includes a survey of adults in Champaign County and strategic planning based upon the outcome of the surveys.

Two surveys were developed to assess youth risk behaviors—a middle school instrument and a high school instrument. Survey questions modeled questions from the Search Institute’s Developmental Assets survey, as authorized by the Search Institute, along with selected questions from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YBRS), conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The assessments address risk behaviors and health of Champaign County students in grades 7-12.

The overall goal of the youth health assessment is to assess risk behaviors of Champaign County youth that could be prevented through education and prevention. The assessment is based on a pen and paper survey of 7th – 12th graders in Champaign County. As stated previously, the survey contains portions of the YBRS that is conducted annually by each state to assess health behaviors of youth. The middle school survey (54 questions) is similar to the high school survey (93 questions) but contains less detail on certain topics. The survey instruments were approved by the Champaign Health District and the participating school districts prior to implementation.

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Champaign County Youth Risk Factors Survey

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