Alison Gannett - Extreme Skier and Founder of the Save Our Snow Foundation


Alison Gannett - Extreme Skier and Founder of the Save Our Snow Foundation





Alison Gannett's Global Cooling Adventure Show

Alison Gannett is a world-champion big-mountain freeskier, founder of the Save Our Snow Foundation, champion endurance mountain biker, founder of the infamous Rippin Chix Steep Camps, and an award-winning global cooling advocate.

Ski magazine named her "Ski Hero of the 2010," Skiing magazine selected her as "Green Pro Skier of the Year," and Outside magazine named her "Green All-Star of the Year," next to Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In addition to tackling first ski descents in places such as Pakistan, Bhutan, Argentina, India, and North America, she photo documents glacial recession on her expeditions.

In addition to jumping off cliffs for a living, she trains hundreds of thousands worldwide on her four-step cost-saving climate change solutions framework—including businesses, schools, events, pro athletes, U.S. Congress, and Al Gore's Climate Project team. An advocate of always "walking the talk," she has reduced her carbon footprint by 75 percent, and most recently moved to an organic farm where she and her husband grow and preserve almost 100 percent of their own food, while showing others how to do the same, and continuing her exciting adventure lifestyle.

In 2006, Gannett founded the Save Our Snow Foundation, with a mission to demonstrate that solutions to climate change can be cost effective, actually increasing profitability while reducing pollution, and increasing energy security and green sector jobs while also saving our snowpack and our planet's ecosystems. According to Gannett, climate change is rapidly altering the future of outdoor sports. In order for future generations to have the same powder ski runs, kayak expeditions, Nordic ski adventures, and ski mountaineering exploits, Save Our Snow encourages people to fundamentally alter their carbon consumption patterns.


This event took place at the Student Union Apollo Room.

Alison Gannett - Extreme Skier and Founder of the Save Our Snow Foundation