Ted Rall - Nationally Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist


Ted Rall - Nationally Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist





Setting himself apart from the herd with a unique drawing style and a take-no-prisoners approach, Ted Rall has been called "the most controversial cartoonist in America" by the editorial cartooning site Cartoon.com. He has also been labeled as the "most annoying liberal" by the Right Wing News website, "treasonous" by the conservative Weekly Standard, and "anti-American" by the Wall Street Journal's conservative editorial page, as well as being named number 15 in Bernard Goldberg's book 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. He has received death threats.

Ted Rall began editorial cartooning in the 1980s when a handful of alternative weekly newspaper editors found his photocopied work hanging from lampposts in New York City. Today, his editorial cartoons for Universal Press Syndicate appear in more than 100 newspapers throughout the United States, from the Washington Post to SF Weekly.

"Editorial cartooning is an intrinsically negative medium," says Rall, "but I'm an optimistic person. My hope is that, by calling attention to hypocrisy in our government and the inward focus of American culture in an amusing way, things will change for the better."

Rall covered the war in Afghanistan in cartoon form, where his harrowing experience—three of the 44 journalists with whom he traveled were killed—led to the critically acclaimed book To Afghanistan and Back. His most recent book is Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East?, a detailed analysis of the region in prose and cartoons. Four collections of Rall's cartoons have also been published, as well as three award-winning graphic novels. Presented in partnership with the AAUP (American Association of University Professors).


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Ted Rall - Nationally Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist