Total Quality and Organization Development


Total Quality and Organization Development


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What happens when you bridge the fields of Total Quality (TQ) and Organization Development (OD) to improve organizational performance? You get Total Quality and Organization Development.
Here is a comprehensive and practical treatment of the impact TQ approaches to system performance has on OD. For the first time, views of organization change processes taken by academic researchers and practitioners in the fields of TQ and OD are bridged into a single text. Total Quality and Organization Development presents empowering insights, up-to-date tools, and challenging opportunities for organizational managers, OD practitioners, academicians, trainers, and students alike.
When facing the fact that a true need exists to transform organization structures and corporate cultures, and to develop organizations to meet the challenges and demands of the next century, the principles and practices of total quality can aid in the transformation. OD was originated by a group of varied professionals, ranging from organizational psychologists to economists and philosophers who had a major role in developing the "human" side of work. The core philosophies of the parallel movements of OD and TQ are rapidly coming together as quality advocates deal with human factors in quality improvement and the technical and measurement factors that accompany such changes. This book will be a vital tool in making those changes successfully.

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Total Quality and Organization Development

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