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In this course, you will learn about more about one particular way to address some of the challenges and issues associated with successful software development. Specifically, you will learn and use the Personal Software Process (PSP), designed to help individual software practitioners become more adept at their craft through the use of project planning, project tracking, defect analysis, review and verification activities, software measurement, and process management. This course--and the PSP-are somewhat unique in that they aim to help software engineers become more successful, not by examining issues associated with large-scale development (as is the case with many software engineering courses), but by scaling down the software project efforts. These small projects are designed to provide participants with an opportunity to examine their own practices, strengths, and weaknesses at a minute level of detail. The findings from this analysis are meant to provide a foundation from which one can better succeed once participating with a team of practitioners striving to build a large-scale software system on-time and within budget.

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Spring 2007


College of Engineering and Computer Science


Computer Engineering

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CEG 463/663-01


Section 01 of CEG 463/663: The Personal Software Development Process.