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Marine leeches, specific to sea turtles, have been implicated as potential vector organisms in the spread of fibropapillomatosis (FP), a pandemic neoplastic disease with green turtles (Chelonia mydas) having the highest affliction rate. Polymerase chain reaction identified two independent, seemingly functional histone H3 loci for marine turtle leeches Ozobranchus branchiatus collected from C. mydas in Florida and Hawaii. Primers were developed to amplify each product separately. These novel markers will be useful in identifying ectoparasites in FP research, evaluating other histone variants, and chromatin dynamics regulation studies.

This poster was created and presented by Triet M. Truong at the Wright State University Chemistry Department posters in the hall event on June 1, 2012 and the results were published in Conservation Genetics Resources (2012), 4, 487-490.

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