Solubility of Gases in Liquids. XVI. Henry's Law Coefficients for Nitrogen in Water at 5 to 50°C

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The solubility of nitrogen in pure liquid water was measured in the pressure range 45 to 115 kPa and in the temperature range 5 to 50°C. These data are used to obtain Henry coefficients H 2,1 (T,P s,1 ) at the vapor pressure P s,1 of water. The temperature dependence of H 2,1 (T,P s,1 ) is accounted for by both a Clarke-Glew (CG) type fitting equation, and a power series in T−1, as suggested by Benson and Krause (BK). The imprecision of our measurements is characterized by an average deviation of ±0.038% from a four-term CG equation, and by an average deviation of ±0.042% from a three-term BK equation. From the temperature variation of H 2,1 (T,P s,1 ) partial molar quantities referring to the solution process, such as enthalpies and heat capacities of solution, are obtained. They are given in tabular form, together with H 2,1 (T,P s,1 ) and derived Ostwald coefficients L∞, at rounded temperatures. Finally, experimental results are compared with values calculated via scaled particle theory.



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