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This report describes the results of research performed with funds from the Sture Fredrik Anliot Grant Fund granted in March 2015. The primary aim of the project was to identify and measure various stormwater pollutant inputs to Yellow Springs Creek and Birch Creek into Glen Helen Nature Preserve and then into the Little Miami River in Greene County, Ohio from Spring 2015 to Winter 2016.

In order to better understand pollutant flow into Glen Helen and subsequently into the Little Miami River, three different types of samples were taken. One type of sample was a “grab” sample taken under normal flow conditions when there was no precipitation that day or the day before. The second type was grab samples taken immediately following a significant rain event (≥0.25 inches). The third type of sample was collected using runoff samplers deployed in a dry ditch that carries stormwater runoff or, in the case of Birch Creek, above the normal water level.

Three major types of analyses were performed on each sample including 1) Escherichia coli colony counts, 2) anion analysis, and 3) heavy metals analysis. Typical water quality parameters (dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity, and pH) were checked to confirm that they were within acceptable limits throughout the course of the study. There was no analysis of organic contaminants such as pesticides and persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

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