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2-22-2016 4:20 PM

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2-22-2016 5:00 PM


Liam Anderson obtained his MPhil in International Relations from Cambridge University, UK, and his PhD in Political Science from the University of Georgia. He is currently Associate Professor of Political Science at Wright State University where he teaches classes in Comparative Politics and International Relations. His research interests include issues of constitutional design, particularly with reference to ethnically divided states, such as Iraq. His publications include The Future of Iraq: Dictatorship, Democracy, or Division (2005) and Crisis in Kirkuk: The Ethnopolitics of Conflict and Compromise (2009) (both with Gareth Stansfield), An Atlas of Middle Eastern Affairs (2011) (with E.W. Anderson), and “Avoiding Ethnic Conflict in Iraq: Some Lessons from the Aland Islands” (published in the journal Ethnopolitics). His recent book Federal Solutions to Ethnic Problems: Accommodating Diversity (2014) deals with the optimum design of federal systems in ethnically diverse societies and forms the basis for his current research program.


Feb 22nd, 4:20 PM Feb 22nd, 5:00 PM

Autonomy as a Solution to Ethnic Problems: Some Insights into the Case of Iraq