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Bleeding Red is one of (at least) three books that contain diaries from the 2004 season of the Boston Red Sox (the other two beingFaithful by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan and Now I can Die in Peace by Bill Simmons). How, one might ask, were these authors fortunate enough to choose that particular year of the previous 86? This is more easily answered in the case of Simmons, who didn't start his diary until after the All-Star break, but does this mean we can look forward to diaries of the 2005 White Sox season, and are there scribes among the Chicago Cub faithful who are dutifully recording the current season even now in hopes that it's their turn at last? Whatever Catsam's initial motivation, his book provides an engaging treatment of the day-to-day travails of the season, as well as offering excellent insight to the mind of a die-hard fan.