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This volume III contains two blogs on Hispanic/Latin American culture and identity but goes beyond a link in cyberspace: the creative work presented in these blogs represent a journey through the culture of Spanish-speaking countries –including the United States– and dwell on the peculiarities that shape identity.

The works are the product of intense discussion and analysis in class, by groups and in individual and collective presentations, and consider historical aspects from the conquest by the Spaniards to the present time.

A dynamic that contrasts Modernity with Postmodernity, the classic with the innovative prevails. Here you will find texts in diverse literary genres... from poems to essays, from songs to film reviews. What is special is that their authors (yes, the group of women who were the participants in the class) got immersed in the style of Latin American popular music to rewrite boleros or to re-interpret merengue or salsa.

What was impressive was that they delved so deeply into the history of “Our America” (José Martí) that they were able to recreate it, essentially decanted into cultural tales that seem to have been written in the best Latin American Boom style, albeit focused on different epochs.

The most outstanding quality of these “posts” was that their authors became cultural critics (clairvoyant, combative, philosophers, feminists), seeing how the struggles, injustices, and adverse events, experienced by the Latin American people, were turned into art. They managed to show how, paradoxically, the best of culture many times emerged from pain.

The texts offered here are diverse: you will sing, you will remember, you may be moved to tears, but you will surely enjoy yourself.

We invite you to explore the cultural connections of the diverse identity of the Spanish language in the Americas.

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