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In Volume II, there are 4 issues or journals, three of Latin American literature and one of Advanced Composition (years 2020-2021). This volume has been named “Post” because of its postmodern approach within Hispanic Cultural Studies.

These issues are also of great importance because they respond to the literary, professional, and linguistic work in Spanish produced during the peak of the pandemic, when teaching had to become a synchronous experience through virtual space.

The Survey of Spanish American Literature is part of the core curriculum for the B.A. in Spanish, offered by the Spanish program, at Wright State University. However, the texts here follow a thematic axis which guide the development of the course as the learners walk the path of the history of Spanish American Literature, throughout the centuries to the present era. In occasions the thematic axis was: “The power, the people and the voice”. In other occasion it was: “The text in context”. Another general topic was: “The path of the word”. This thematic structure allowed the writers to produce from essays, to poems, to book reviews to other original pieces in different genres. The aim was to participate in the Latin American studies with a fresh point of view. By discussing the ideologies, influences and circumstances that have produced power struggles in Latin America, the writers were able to envision literature as a counter / encounter text that represents the canon, but from different angles. In the end, that is what shapes Latin American diversity and unity.

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Con la pluma entre dos mundos - Post Edition - Prologue, Volume 2, Number 2