The Center for Urban and Public Affairs is now the Applied Policy Research Institute. As APRI, the institute will explore a variety of policy areas, with special focus on defense, government services, economic development, education, community development, workforce development and public health.

Wright State University established the Center for Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA) in 1986. CUPA's applied research supported public and nonprofit clients who want to improve operations and address urban, suburban, and rural issues. Applied research includes primary data collection, such as surveys, focus groups and open forums; data analytics that examine, for example, labor, economic, crime, housing, population, and other data; strategic planning and consensus building; and policy and program evaluation. Over the last 27 years CUPA has made significant contributions to the understanding of government reform, workforce development, economic transformation, improving public health, and community services. CUPA has also enhanced and expanded its capacity over the years to meet client needs by collaborating with other Wright State researchers and research centers across Ohio.


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