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Many issues our community has faced in recent years reflect an underlying concern about our economic circumstances, particularly the cost of living in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The absence of reliable, accurate and objective information has contributed to conjecture and debate among residents. Early in this year, the James A. McKee Association resolved to try to help address this gap by sponsoring a study of the cost of living in the village. The availability of current Census data made this a particularly appropriate time to undertake this study. The hope is that this project will form a foundation for better understanding by providing a body of generally acceptable information about the community and how it compares to others in the region. Although we do not ourselves expect to use the information gathered to craft either public policy or private initiatives to address perceived questions or issues, we do hope that others will, using this formation as a foundation for community dialogue.

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Economics | Social and Behavioral Sciences

2012 Yellow Springs Cost of Living Report

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