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The Advantage Sharing Program, or ASP, is a multi-county collaboration comprising Greene, Miami and Montgomery Counties. The program’s purpose is to provide additional dollars to economic and workforce projects that have been developed by local governments. The projects submitted by local governments address the needs of businesses that are locating, expanding or sustaining operations. ASP provides to local officials a source of additional funding to meet business needs. Local governments apply for funds after their best offer does not secure a development agreement. This funding does not replace incentives typically offered by local governments. Requests for funding are made to a Review Committee comprised of three representatives from each of the counties. Each county determines who will sit on the review Committee from the public sector (two representatives) and the private sector (one representative). Economic and workforce development projects are evaluated using information about:

  • Jobs created or retained
  • Economic growth (direct and indirect multipliers from wages and investments)
  • Average wages and benefits paid to employees
  • Type and dollar amount of company investment
  • Dollar amount of infrastructure improvements needed to support the project
  • Other factors such as relocation, energy efficiency, and coordination with regional development priorities

Ultimately, ASP attempts to increase investment that grows businesses and increases the pace of economic transformation in the region. Uniquely, ASP couples workforce with economic development. ASP fills gaps in the existing workforce development programs. The workforce committee identified workforce gaps related to retraining incumbent workers, internship workers or other gaps that may exist or develop within workforce development programs supported by federal, state and local governments. Program Development Two separate committees met to design the Economic and Workforce Development programs. Decisions were made by consensus. The major goals of the Economic Development Program are to 1) fund business development that creates or retains jobs paying the median wage of the region; 2) invest in businesses that will restore prosperity to our region; and 3) unify the region and foster efficiencies through local government collaboration. The Workforce Development Program seeks to 1) meet business workforce needs; 2) retain highly educated residents; 3) fill gaps that exist within current workforce development programs.

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Local Government Services and Regional Collaboration Grant Program: Advantage Sharing Program Feasibility Study