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What happens to a man when he is stripped of his freedom? What happens to a person when they are told they aren’t deserving of a fair chance? These are questions that, thankfully, very few people ever have to answer. Most are lucky to be born into a world where they are treated equally by those around them. Wilbert Rideau was not so lucky; he was born into a world that said he didn't matter. Trapped inside Jim Crow society with very few opportunities, Rideau would eventually make the choice to commit a terrible crime. In the aftermath of his actions, he would go on to spend forty-four years in one of the most violent prisons in America. During those years he would face and overcome challenges that no person should ever be faced with. During his time in prison, Rideau experienced pain, despair, rejuvenation, and redemption amongst other hardships within the American Justice System. He also grew into an eloquent advocate for prisoners, prison reform and prisoners' civil rights as well as into a thoughtful journalist and memoirist.