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Master's Culminating Experience

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From June to September 1989 , the author did an internship with ADS Machinery Corporation in Warren, Ohio. Under the direct supervision of the Vice President of Sales, the author's main task was to carry our an investigation of the company's export business. The investigation included export market analysis and business practice analysis. Based on the basis of this research and the author's own working experiences in Sino-American trade, a proposal for the company's export stragery was completed.

In the competitive international market, establishing and maintaining successful export markets in developing countries is a difficult task, especially for small firms. Many small firms in the United States are reluctant to enter the international market because of both high cost and high risk. However, as a result of their willingness to accept the risks and costs, ADS has been able to successfully developed its exports markets over the past ten years. One of its current objective is to build on their recent success and expand its export market.

The author was asked to analyze their current position in the international market place and make recommendations for improvements where needed. This report outlines the author's analysis of ADS's international efforts.