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As more women enter the work force, there is an increased need for adequate childcare. There are many potential benefits to employers when employees are satisfied with quality of care their children are receiving. Some employers have opted to provide some form of childcare assistance, ranging from simple referral services to on-site childcare facilities.

The need for childcare is especially prominent in the healthcare profession, given the predominance of women in nursing and the need for nurses on all shifts.

This study was designed to explore job satisfaction and childcare issues among nursing and healthcare professionals. The study was undertaken in three hospitals in a large southwestern city. One hundred nurses in each of the hospitals were selected at random to answer a questionnaire that was distributed by hospital administrative personnel.

The study supported previous investigations which found that employers who provide some form of childcare assistance were perceived more favorably than others who did not provide assistance. The most influential factor in job satisfaction for nurses is the area of nursing in which they work. Childcare issues were found to rank fourth out five areas of concern in job satisfaction.