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Development of a listing of foreign-owned businesses operating in and around Dayton is aimed at creating a directory of foreign firms for the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce's data base. This will help the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce to publish an up-to-date list of foreign subsidiaries and further promote foreign interest in the Dayton business community.

A wide variety of sources were consulted to accurately identify all Dayton-based, foreign-controlled businesses. These sources include prominent directories of foreign-owned firms, foreign embassies, consulates and trade commissions, a variety of publications of the U.S. Department of Commerce, local chambers of commerce and others. More than 60 locally operated foreign firms were surveyed and their telephone responses were combined to construct a computer data base that will meet the Chamber's needs.

The listed firms are currently engaged in production of various categories of goods and services ranging from sand, gravel and stone to high-tech computer services. Further, these businesses currently employ 9,232 local employees which accounts for 2.05% of the total employment in four out of seven counties under jurisdiction of Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce such as Miami, Montgomery, Darke and Clark counties.