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In 2007, the Vietnamese government declared an ambitious master plan to extract its bauxite resources, mainly concentrated in the Central Highlands. The impact of bauxite mining on the livelihoods of indigenous people and the macroeconomy have been debated by many scientists, economists, environmentalists, and journalists, both in Vietnam and among the Vietnamese who live overseas. From a holistic perspective to sustainable development, this paper analyzes the potential impacts of the Tan Rai and Nhan Co bauxite mining and alumina refining projects, the major part of the Vietnamese government’s master plan. At a macroeconomic level, the possible occurrence of the “resource curse” and the Dutch disease also are examined. The final conclusion is that the extraction of bauxite resources will adversely affect the economy, environment, and society of the Central Highlands as well as the stabilization of the national economy. This paper may provide an insight into the projection of bauxite mining and contribute to the success of the regional and national sustainable development policies.