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The development and implementation of a mail questionnaire proved to satisfy the goal of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce to promote export activity in the region. The results of the survey indicate that over one third of the respondents to the survey are actively engaged in exporting. The identification on these firms will allow the Chamber to more effectively promote their goods and services abroad.

The manipulation of the results obtained from the survey will be used to publish a listing of companies in the Dayton area engaged in exporting goods and services to foreign countries. The resultant export listing will enable the Chamber to promote foreign interest in the Dayton business community, thereby stimulating the local economy.

The Harris Industrial Listing and other data bases maintained by the Chamber were used to identify business leaders in the Dayton area. These business leaders were identified as the recipients of the mail survey. Of the 600 firms polled 250 responses were received. This averaged an impressive response rate of 42 percent. Of those firms responding to the survey 181, or 7 4 percent, were actively engaged in exporting their goods and services abroad. The categories of exported goods and services ranged from plastic parts to high-tech computer services.