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This report has four main parts: 1) Introduction: The healthcare phenomenon, considerations and economic implications; 2) A case study of measuring health care quality and value for methodology investigation; 3) conclusions and 4) policy implications. The principal aim of this report is to discuss methods of measuring microeconomic efficiency in healthcare. In the introduction, economic theories including elasticity, demand and supply, competition, market failure and so on are applied to healthcare. Next the role of this report is placed within the context of organization I worked for with a case study to show how to measure quality and value with risk adjustment related to the issues raised in the introduction. Conclusions are drawn from the case study, and limitations and other issues are raised for further study. The final section discusses policy implications. At the end of the report, reference articles and books are listed. And an appendix with the sample SAS (Statistical Analysis System) programming and outputs written and generated during the intern research period are also attached.