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Spring 2023


Opioids. That word produces a variety of reactions in people’s minds. For some, it is a medical drug -a tool to dull pain for a period of time. Others have a response of indifference, as they see opioids as something a part of life, but not something that has affected them. And for many, especially those who might live in Dayton, Ohio, opioids are something that has affected a family member, a friend, or an acquaintance – not as a medical drug to end pain, but as a tool to end life. It is a heavy subject for many, and while there has been progress, it often feels like two steps forward and one step back for Dayton, Ohio. In the next few pages, we are going to explore the history of drug use in Dayton as well as the ways they’ve been abused and misused. Opioids not only have health factors, but also affect education, economics, and family relationships. The social cost of drug misuse is high, as unemployment and homelessness also show signs of being affected. There have been efforts to slow the overdoses, but Dayton continues to be one of the most affected cities in the United States to drug overdoses (“10 Cities with Worst Drug Problems in the United States of America.”). Why have the past solutions fallen through, and how are we to address this issue moving forward?

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