A secure and robust frequency and time diversity aided OFDM-DCSK modulation system not requiring channel state information

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In this paper, we propose a novel two-dimensional frequency and time diversity aided orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based differential chaos shift keying (OFDM-DCSK) system. Our aim is to provide secure and robust transmissions for practical wireless systems, where perfect channel state information (CSI) may not be available at the receiver, by exploiting the natural high security of chaotic sequences and frequency diversity gains brought by the frequency hopping (FH). In our design, the information bits are firstly modulated by chaotic chips, then non-repetitive FH operations are performed on both reference chips and chaotic modulated symbols. After the inverse fast Fourier transform (IFFT), the non-repetitive reference chips and chaotic modulated symbols are respectively transmitted over different subcarriers. Subsequently, the receiver recovers the information using the received reference chaotic chips which naturally embed the channel frequency response (CFR) of all subcarriers. We then analyze the energy and spectral efficiencies, derive the bit error rate (BER) and information leakage expressions, and provide a detailed complexity analysis of the proposed scheme. Simulation results verify the effectiveness of our derivations and demonstrate that the proposed system achieves better BER and security performances compared with the benchmark system, especially when the CSI is imperfect or unknown.



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