Non Contiguous Frequency Hopping Aided OFDM-DCSK Design Without Requiring CSI

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In this paper, we present a frequency hopping (FH) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-aided differential chaos shift keying (OFDM-DCSK) modulation system for cognitive radio (CR) systems operating over non contiguous bands. Our aim is to provide reliable transmissions for CR transceivers which may hardly get the exact and perfect channel state information (CSI). In our design, we utilize the natural high security of chaotic sequences and the frequency diversity brought by the FH. The information bits are firstly modulated by chaotic chips, then both reference chips and chaotic modulated symbols are carried out FH operations and hopped non-repetitively. After performing the inverse fast Fourier transform (IFFT) over available non-contiguous spectrum bands, the resultant OFDM symbols are transmitted and the non-repetitive reference chips are respectively transmitted over different subcarriers. Subsequently, the receiver would retrieve the information using the received reference chaotic chips which naturally embed the channel frequency response (CFR) of all subcarriers. The bit error rate (BER) expressions are derived and simulations results verify the effectiveness of our derivations, which demonstrate that the presented system can achieve better BER than counterpart systems, especially when the CSI is not exact or unknown.



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