Location Information-Aided Load Balancing Design for Hybrid LiFi and WiFi Networks

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The hybrid light fidelity (LiFi) and wireless fidelity (WiFi) networks is regarded as a promising solution for future indoor wireless communication. In this paper, we present a location information-based load balancing (LB) strategy for the hybrid indoor wireless networks. In our design, we utilize the location information of user terminals (UTs) to design the LB algorithm. Thanks to the dense deployment of the light emitting diodes (LEDs) in LiFi network, the positioning precision is high and the location information can be used to select the UTs among clustering ones to access the WiFi AP. With the objective of maximizing the system throughput under proportional fairness constraints, we then develop a location information-aided LB algorithm according to three presented LB rules. Simulation results demonstrate that, with our location information-aided LB design, the hybrid system can provide high throughput performances and meet the user data rate demands satisfactorily.



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