Exact Bit Error Rate Analysis for Color Shift Keying Modulation

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In this letter, we present a new method to derive the exact analytical expression for the bit error rate (BER) of the color shift keying (CSK) modulation scheme over additive white Gaussian noise channel. We first exploit the coplanarity of CSK symbols, and build up a 2-D graphically symmetric space to simplify the BER analysis in the 3-D space of the signal transmitted via the red, green, and blue light beams. Thanks to the graphical symmetry of the symbols in the 2-D space, the symbol transition probabilities can be evaluated with less complexity. Then, with the aid of decision region partitioning, the exact symbol transition probabilities can be calculated. At last, the exact BER can be obtained by the weighted sum of all the symbol transition probabilities with the corresponding Hamming distances. Simulations are performed, and the results demonstrate that our presented BER analysis achieves more exact performance evaluation in both high and low signal-to-noise ratio regimes than the counterparts in other papers.