Co-designed radar-communication using linear frequency modulation waveform

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As electromagnetic spectrum availability shrinks, there is growing interest in combining multiple functions, such as radar and communications signals, into a single multipurpose waveform. Historically mixed-modulation has used orthogonal separation of different message signals in different dimensions such as time or frequency. This research explores an alternative approach of implementing an in-band, mixed-modulated waveform that combines surveillance radar and communication functions into a single signal. The contribution of this research is the use of reduced phase-angle binary phase shift keying (BPSK) along with overlapped (channelized) spread-spectrum phase discretes based on pseudorandom noise sequences to encode multiple messages in a single pulse. The resulting mixed-modualted signal provides a low data rate communications message while minimizing the effect on radar performance. For the purpose of this research, radar performance will be evaluated in terms of power spectral density, matched filter auto-correlation for target detection, and the ambiguity function.



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