Secured chaotic cognitive radio system using advanced encryption standard

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In this paper, we apply advanced encryption standard (AES) to improve the security of chaotic cognitive radio (CCR) system. More specifically, we propose to encrypt the information with AES, then the AES-encrypted information is modulated by frequency domain based chaos sequences and transmitted over the non continuous subcarriers sensed by the CCR. Both the transmitter and the receiver share the secret of AES encryption, while the eavesdroppers could not retrieve the information without any information of the secret. The simulation results verify that the AES-assisted CCR system offers a high security. The information effectively hides and the power spectral density of the 'Lena' image is smoothed with AES encryption. Furthermore, the bit error rate analysis demonstrate that the malicious users can not retrieve the original information due to the high bit error rate without AES secret key.



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