Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


The study deals with approaches of beginner teachers from a Special Education Training Programs to classroom management and to instruction with regard to two approaches: the Humanistic approach (or Student-Centered Approach), and the Custodial approach (or Teacher-Centered Approach). mixed use of both approaches in classroom management practices with a tendency towards the Humanistic approach. The Custodial approach was observed as related to issues of control and attitude towards violence whereas the Humanistic approach was found to be related to student-teacher relations, belief in students' abilities and perceptions of discipline. However, approach towards instruction and teaching was observed as related in this study to the Humanistic approach. Further follow-up research is suggested to monitor beginner teachers of Special Education after the first year/s of teaching with implications on teacher training programs, especially with regard to issues that many teachers were undecided about that concern classroom management and instruction in SE classes.