Submissions from 2022

Shapeshifting Subjects: Gloria Anzaldúa’s Naguala and Border Arte, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Writing Life Beyond the Humanist Subject in The Hour of the Star and A Breath of Life, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 2020

May We Do Work that Matters, Vale la Pena: Putting Community Coyolxauhqui Together and the Anzaldúa Seminar., Dylan Colvin, Christina Puntasecca, and Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 2019

An Academic Imposter from the Working-Class: Emotional Labor and First-Generation College Students, Nancy Mack

A Focus on Relational and Narrative Aspects of Trauma: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education, Kelli D. Zaytoun

A Focus on the "I" in the "I→We": Considering the Lived Experience of Self-in-Coalition in Active Subjectivity, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 2018

The Politics of English Second Language Writing Assessment in Global Contexts, Todd Ruecker and Deborah J. Crusan


World House Choir And Friends To Perform Ohio Premiere of 'The Man Behind The Dream', David Seitz

Submissions from 2017

Filling in the Blanks: Addressing Teacher Underpreparedness in L2 Writing, Gena Bennett and Deborah J. Crusan

The 5 Myths of the 5-Paragraph Essay, Nigel Caplan, Deborah J. Crusan, Dana Ferris, Ann Johns, Luciana deOliviera, and Christina Ortmeier-Hooper

All Teachers are Language Teachers: How Language Acquisition and Writing Assessment Affect Student Success, Deborah J. Crusan

Classroom Writing Assessment, Deborah J. Crusan

Fake It 'til You Make It: The Imposter Syndrome - The Dilemma of (Women) Academics, Deborah J. Crusan

The Dark Side of Rubrics and Writing Assignments: Creating Those That Work, Deborah J. Crusan

Writing Assessment: Do we Practice What we Preach?, Deborah J. Crusan

Pressed for Time: Strategies for Writing for Publication, Deborah J. Crusan, Christine P. Casanave, Suhanthie Motha, and Stephanie Vandrick

Emotional Labor as Imposters: Working-Class Literacy Narratives and Academic Identities, Nancy Mack

In the club: Associational life in colonial South Asia, by Benjamin B. Cohen (review), Christopher Oldstone-Moore

Building Assessment Into Everyday Activities, Diane Schmitt and Deborah J. Crusan

From Nawab to Jihadi: The Transformation of Muslim Identity in Popular Indian Cinema, Alpana Sharma

Submissions from 2016


All Teachers are Language Teachers: Language Acquisition, Writing Assessment, and Their Effects on Student Success in Writing, Deborah J. Crusan

Language Matters: Empowering Teachers (and Learners) Through Language Acquisition and Writing Assessment Knowledge, Deborah J. Crusan

Writing Assessment Literacy: What Teachers Need to Know, Deborah J. Crusan

Writing Groups and Collaborations: Strategies for Writing for Publication, Deborah J. Crusan, Christine P. Casanave, Suhanthie Motha, and Stephanie Vandrick

Writing Assessment Literacy: Surveying Second Language Teachers' Knowledge, Beliefs, and Practices, Deborah J. Crusan, Lai Plakans, and Atta Gebril

Classroom Assessment in English Language Teaching: Placement and Diagnosis, Deborah J. Crusan and Diane Schmitt

Filling the Gap: L2 Grammar and Assessment Preparation for ELA Teachers, J. Haught and Deborah J. Crusan

Working with Anzaldúa's Writing Notas: An Archival Experiment in Three Parts, AnaLouise Keating, Kelli D. Zaytoun, and Betsy Dahms

Luke Fildes's The Doctor, Narrative Painting, and the Selfless Professional Ideal, Barry Milligan

Strategies for Classroom Assessment at Different Proficiency Levels, Diane Schmitt, Deborah J. Crusan, and Lia Plakans


How Ohio Became An Epicenter for A Capella, David Seitz


Wright State University to Explore Baseball, Jazz in Sultans of Swing Conference, David Seitz

‘Sometimes in America Race Is Class’: The Erasure of Class under Race in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah, Alpana Sharma

Resistance as Shapeshifter: A Posthumanist Reading of Subjectivity and Death in the Fiction of Gloria Anzaldúa and Clarice Lispector, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Sisterhood in Movement: Feminist Solidarity in France and the United States, Kelli D. Zaytoun and Judith Ezekiel

Submissions from 2015


Clarifying the Relationship between L2 Writing and Translingual Writing: An Open Letter to Writing Studies Editors and Organization Leaders, Dwight Atkinson, Deborah J. Crusan, Paul Kei Matsuda, Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, Todd Ruecker, Steve Simpson, and Christine Tardy

And then a Miracle Occurs: The use of Computers to Score Student Writing, Deborah J. Crusan

Dance, Ten; Looks, Three: Why Rubrics Matter, Deborah J. Crusan

Automated Writing Evaluation: When is it Right for Your Students?, Deborah J. Crusan, Dianna Lippincott, Zhi Li, and Li Zhang


Involuntary Settlers, Voluntary Colonials: The Contingent Nature of Subaltern Freedoms in the Caribbean, Shona N. Jackson


Labour, Solidarity, and Death: The Enunciative Freedoms of Involuntary Settler Politics, Shona N. Jackson

Nostalgia, Hope Jennings

The Editing of American Literature, 1890–1930: Essays and Reviews by Donald Pizer (review), Carol Loranger

The Outcast Poetics of Paul Laurence Dunbar and Edwin Arlington Robinson, Carol Loranger

Engaging Writers with Multigenre Research Projects: A Teachers Guide, Nancy Mack

Opium and the Orient: The Alien Within Us, Barry Milligan


Miami Valley StoryCorps: Robert Peterson and Karen Rosga, David Seitz


Afghanistan, Alpana Sharma

Cinematic Representation of Muslims in Indian Cinema, Alpana Sharma


From Here to There, Alpana Sharma

Strategies for Countering Discourses of Deficit in L2 Writing, Christine Tardy, Deborah J. Crusan, Grant Eckstein, Dana Ferris, Todd Ruecker, and Jennifer Slinkard

“Now Let Us Shift” the Subject: Tracing the Path and Posthumanist Implications of La Naguala / The Shapeshifter in the Works of Gloria Anzaldúa, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 2014

Fake It 'Til You Make It: The Imposter Syndrome--the Dilemma of (Women) Academic, Deborah J. Crusan

Placement Testing, Deborah J. Crusan

Tanslingual Pedagogy and Writing Assessment: A Harmonious Union, Deborah J. Crusan


Humanity beyond the Regime of Labor: Antiblackness, Indigeneity, and the Legacies of Colonialism in the Caribbean, Shona N. Jackson


Indigeneity, Settler Colonialism, and Blackness: Responding to Shona Jackson’s Creole Indigeneity, Shona N. Jackson

Risk, Blackness, and Postcolonial Studies: An Introduction, Shona N. Jackson

The Re/Presentation of the Indigenous Caribbean in Literature, Shona N. Jackson


To be Anti-Black is to be Anti-Indigenous: Reflections on Emancipation, Shona N. Jackson

Book Review: Angela Carter and Decadence: Critical Fictions/Fictional Critiques, Hope Jennings

Book Review: Decadent Daughters and Monstrous Mothers: Angela Carter and European Gothic, Hope Jennings


Exploring Alternative Spaces for Pursuing Social Justice in the Women's Studies Classroom, Hope Jennings and Jennifer M. Money


Critical Memoir and Identity Formation: Being, Belonging, Becoming, Nancy Mack

Radio Interview: Shona N. Jackson, Vonulrick Martin and Shona N. Jackson

Doctoring the Novel: Medicine and Quackery from Shelley to Doyle, Barry Milligan

Assessment in English Language Teaching: Reviewing Essentials, Lia Plankans, Diane Schmitt, and Deborah J. Crusan


CCCC Controversy: Articulating the Relationship between L2 Writing and Translingual Writing, Todd Ruecker, C. Hooper-Ortmeier, Deborah J. Crusan, Christine Tardy, Paul Kei Matsuda, Dwight Atkinson, and Steve Simpson


Place-Based Genre Writing as Critical Expressivist Practice, David Seitz

Place-Based Genre Writing as Critical Expressivist Practice, David Seitz


Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse Celebrates 20th Anniversary, Embraces Change, David Seitz


Color Me White: Naturalism/Naturalization in American Literature (Review), Alpana Sharma

No Recourse but to the Nation: A Reading of Shonali Bose's Amu, Alpana Sharma

Submissions from 2013

Assessing Writing, Deborah J. Crusan


Designing and Writing Assessments and Rubrics, Deborah J. Crusan

Disciplinary Lessons: Myth, Female Desire, and the Monstrous Maternal in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series, Hope Jennings and Christine R. Wilson


Colorful Revision: Color-Coded Comments Connected to Instruction, Nancy Mack

Re-examining Writing Assessment Rubrics in the Classroom, Paul Kei Matsuda, Lia Plakans, Deborah J. Crusan, Jill Jeffery, and Miyuki Sasaki

Are You Assessment Literate?: Developing Assessment Knowledge for the Classroom, Diane Schmitt, Lia Plakans, and Deborah J. Crusan


Inside The World House, David Seitz

Mission Kashmiriyat: Paradise Lost and (Re)Gained?, Alpana Sharma


The Parchment of Kashmir (review), Alpana Sharma

Submissions from 2012


Evaluating Computer-Assisted Language Learning: An Integrated Approach to Effectiveness Research in CALL (review), Deborah J. Crusan

Strategies for Achieving Fair and Equitable L2 Writing Assessment, Deborah J. Crusan and Peggy Lindsey

Politics and Practice in Second Language Writing Assessment: International Perspectives, Deborah J. Crusan, Todd Ruecker, Lara Ravitch, Zhiling Wu, and Petcharat Saenpoch

Creole Indigeneity: Between Myth and Nation in the Caribbean, Shona N. Jackson

Genesis and Gender: The Word, the Flesh, and the Fortunate Fall in ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and ‘Penetrating to the Heart of the Forest’, Hope Jennings

A Journey Through American Literature (review), Carol Loranger


Bullying Reconsidered: Educating for Emotional Literacy, Nancy Mack

English Journal, Nancy Mack


Decolonizing the Modernist Mind, Alpana Sharma


Slumdog Millionaire: The Film, the Reception, the Book, the Global, Alpana Sharma


The Modernism of Shashi Deshpande, Alpana Sharma

A Declaration of Excellence for Placement of Second Language Writers, Danielle Z. Wetzel, Doreen Ewert, Jan Frodesen, and Deborah J. Crusan

A Case for the Self-in-Coalition: Exploring Anzaldúa's Legacy of La Naguala with Lugones' Complex Communication, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Beyond Self-Authorship: Fifth Order and the Capacity for Social Consciousness, Kelli D. Zaytoun

Submissions from 2011


The Machine Scoring of Essays: Redefining Writing Pedagogy?, Deborah J. Crusan

The Promise of Directed Self-Placement for Second Language Writers, Deborah J. Crusan


Basquiat after Dial: Bridging the Gap between Black Labor and Critique, Shona N. Jackson


How Faculty Attitudes and Expectations toward Student Nationality Affect Writing Assessment, Peggy Lindsey and Deborah J. Crusan