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Eric Fossum (Advisor), Pavel Ioana (Committee Member), Kenneth Turnbull (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Modified HPEI was used to determine if the LCST could be controlled by varying multiple variables, including: percent modification, pH, salt solution concentration, and weight percent. Two modifications were done with butylene oxide (Butox) and isobutyryl amide (IBAm). Specifically, 100% (HPEI-Butox1.00)butoxylated and 10% (HPEI-IBAm0.10), 54% (HPEI-IBAm0.54), and 70% (HPEI-IBAm0.70) amidated samples were synthesized. Additionally, HPEI-IBAm0.54 was further modified with hydroxyl ethyl groups (HPEI-IBAm0.54 Eox0.46) and ethyl groups (HPEI-IBAm0.54-Et0.44). The LCSTs of all amidated systems were below body temperature, 37 °C, at pH = 7.4. This indicates an ability of these systems to be used as a vector for gene delivery. A PBS salt solution lowered the LCST, while weight percent had a non linear effect on the LCST. Transfection data on the 54% amidated HPEI system showed transfection efficiency equivalent to control transfectant, LT1. These data suggest a strong potential for using modified HPEI systems as nonviral gene vectors.

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