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Leanna Manuel (Committee Member), Cheryl Meyer (Committee Member), Leon Vandecreek (Committee Chair)

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Treatments for children with externalizing behavior problems vary from medicating the children to implementing various forms of psychotherapy and behavioral interventions such as Behavior Therapy. In recent years, martial arts group therapy has been explored as an ingredient in treatment protocols to modify these externalizing behaviors. A group martial arts therapy program for children was evaluated. Forty-one children began the program and out of which twenty-six children completed. The participants were separated into three groups based on length of time in the program at the outset of this evaluation. The children's parents were surveyed three times throughout a period of 20 sessions. The results showed no significant differences in the children's behaviors which could be due to design and procedural complications, but the possibility also must be considered that this program is not effective in reducing these behaviors. There was shown to be a significant difference in relation to the Total Problem score and time spent in the program, which indicated that over time, the intervention is successful in reducing a combination of problematic behaviors.

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