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Lane Pullins (Committee Member), Janeece Warfield (Committee Chair), Eve Wolf (Committee Member)

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Maternal depression is often a prevalent disorder in society, which has far reaching effects on the psychological well being of both the mother as well as her child(ren). Research has indicated that maternal depression impacts the parenting skills of a woman and thereby puts her children at risk for maladaptive ways of behaving. Children of mothers who are depressed are at a higher risk of developing externalizing and internalizing problems. Many of the empirically supported treatments for depression focus on the individual aspects of the person, without considering the roles and stress of being a parent. Many treatments for children with behavior problems include parent training. Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is one such parent training program that focuses on fostering a positive relationship between the mother and her child and helps the mother manage behavior problems of the child. This dissertation describes a proposal to amend the current PCIT to cater towards the parenting needs of a depressed mother. Based on the literature review of various treatment modalities for depressed mothers, this dissertation conceptualizes the use of Wait Watch Wonder (WWW) technique, psychoeducation, home visitation, and motivational interviewing to augment the original PCIT while intervening with depressed mothers.

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