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Jeffery Allen (Committee Member), Jacob Levy (Committee Member), Martyn Whittingham (Committee Chair)

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


To date, no instrument has been developed that specifically assesses multicultural issues within the context of group work. Rather, such issues are based to a large extent on clinician's judgment (Corey & Corey 1992; Jennings & Anderson, 1997; Riva, Lippert, & Tackett, 2000). The purpose of this study was to develop an instrument (i.e., the Multicultural Group Screening Form, MGSF) designed to address this void in the literature. Such a tool provides a basis for future studies on the multicultural factors that could impact the group process and outcome. Among the group literature reviewed, DeLucia-Waack's and Donigian's (2004) discussion on diversity variables citing various key researches that might impact successful engagement in group therapy, and the Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure (MEIM) by Phinney (1992) are key among the various sources used in the development of this instrument. Therefore, 71 items and six primary scales were designed based on expert's opinion and extant review of existing theory. A total of 153 undergraduate students at Wright State University (WSU), completed the measures, and then initial reliability estimates were examined. Internal consistency analyses were conducted on the 71 items that comprised a proposed six primary scales. Based on these analyses, results showed that 35 items were retained representing five primary scales. The five primary scales are Ethnic Identity (α =.78), Racial Attitude (α -=.71), Group Leader Preferences (α = .70), Stigma (α = .73), and Verbal Participation/Self-Disclosure (α =.71). The scale that was deleted due to low reliability scores was Value Orientation scale (α = .55). Furthermore, the construction of this measure suggests categories and areas for item refinement that can be built upon in further iterations of this instrument.

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