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David Dominic (Committee Member), Ernest Hauser (Committee Member), Doyle Watts (Committee Chair)

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Master of Science (MS)


An anonymous oil company released 2D dynamite reflection data from the Illinois basin to be reprocessed and interpreted by Wright State University. The aim of the project is to exhaustively apply different seismic processing methods to the data to determine if any improvement in the imaging and interpretation may be accomplished. The data interpretation procedure convolved extracted wavelets from the final migrated section with reflectivity calculated from well log data provided. Once major formation tops were identified attribute analysis was applied to locate potential oil volumes of interest.

The raw shot records from this impulse data are dominated by guided (refracted) waves. A large number of shot records show a stationary seismic source generating coherent noise at the same receiver locations throughout the survey. Rather than simply edit the affected traces I investigated methods to filter this source of noise to maintain the fold of coverage. This investigation found that several FK filters combined with iterative application of residual statics and velocity analysis was very effective in removing both the guided waves and the stationary-source waves on the raw shot records, resulting in improvement of the imaging. Radon filtering was attempted to reduce multiples and for future marine studies. Two well logs were successful in creating synthetic seismic traces within the area of the data allowing a comparison to the migrated section and identification of the bottom of New Albany, top of Maquoketa, top of Trenton and the top of the Knox unit. AVO volume analysis of intercept and gradient revealed a type 1 anomaly at the Trenton since it has high impedance. An anomaly of interest is seen below the Trenton of unknown origin with the same characteristics. It was concluded the seismic processing provided an interpreted stack despite the noise present and a meaningful AVO attribute analysis could be performed.

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