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Kevin Bennett (Committee Member), John Flach (Advisor), John Gallagher (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Case study BK is a teenage male who suffers from severe cerebral palsy, making communication very difficult using his current assistive technology. His performance with a manual switch was compared to a hands-free system for computer interaction (Cyberlink Brainfingers/ NIA). BK uses a switch scanning menu, which steps through predetermined options till he chooses the current option being read aloud by pressing a button. A yes/no menu was used for the switch scanning interface for both manual and hands free conditions, as well as the point and click condition. In both hands-free conditions, BK was as fast and accurate as he was with his manual assistive solution that he has been using for almost 10 years now. Results indicate that a hands-free system is a valid assistive technology direction for BK. As in Marler (2004)- perhaps the greatest benefit from a point and click hands-free system could be increased engagement.

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Department of Psychology

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