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Gary Burns (Committee Member), Travis Doom (Committee Member), Michael Raymer (Advisor)

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Master of Science (MS)


Vector-based lexical semantics is a powerful technique that still has many undiscovered applications. In this thesis I apply a vector-space lexical-semantic model newly developed by Mikolov et. al. trained on skip-grams to the lexical hypothesis in personality psychology. The method produces interpretable dimensions that are consistent across several sets of descriptive personality words. The dimensions include ones for conflict and positive and negative evaluation. However they are more descriptive of word usage semantics than of the characteristics of the thing described and thus do not include a recognizable component of the 5 factor model in their first 14 dimensions. They do include a component that seems to indicate the degree to which the word applies to people that could be useful in identifying personality words in English.

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Department of Computer Science

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