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Brady Allen (Advisor)

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Master of Arts (MA)


Rosie Roth is an elderly Christian widow with a heart of gold who, one summer, encounters supernatural forces when her new neighbors, one of whom is a demon-possessed ten-year-old, move into the neighborhood. Rosie, by unwittingly exorcising the demon, finds herself thrust into a tangled web of secrets, conspiracies, and plots. Out to stop these plots is Atlas, a recovering amnesiac who is sent to exorcise the demon, only to find that Rosie has already done the job. While Rosie attempts to reconcile these supernatural forces with her own faith in God, Atlas struggles to live up to his own heroic ideals, to redeem himself for his years of sloth, and to save the day. Ultimately, Atlas must go face-to-face with the past he has struggled to forget, while Rosie must overcome the scheming of those close to her in order to prove her worth in spite of her age.

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Department of English Language and Literatures

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