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Anthony Evans (Advisor)

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Master of Science (MS)


This paper will investigate the number of mutually orthogonal latin squares, MOLS, that can be constructed using elements from the group G = Z3x Z9. In calculating this number, it is necessary to consider the group under the action of the homomorphism f : G → K defined by f ((g1, g2))=(g1mod 3, g2mod 3) so that K ≅ Im(G) is isomorphic to Z3x Z3, so that the action of f is to create the quotient group K = G/<(0, 3)>. Based on data from the group Z2x Z4, the elements of the image should be permuted and constants added before considering G'=f-1(K). The use of orthomorphisms will allow for the construction of orthogonal latin squares.

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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