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Josh Ash (Committee Member), Henry Chen (Committee Member), Arnab K. Shaw (Advisor)

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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)


Many areas such as Wireless Communication, Oil Mining, Radars, Sonar, and Seismic Exploration require the direction of arrival estimation (DOA) of wideband sources. Most existing wideband DOA estimation algorithms decompose the wideband signals into several narrowband frequency bins, followed by either focusing or transforming to a reference frequency bin, before estimating the DOAs. The focusing based methods are iterative and their performance is affected by the choice of preliminary DOA estimates and the number of source DOAs to be estimated. The existing method requiring transformation to a reference frequency bin exhibits spurious peaks in the spatial spectrum and is not reliable in general. In this thesis, a novel Wideband Spectral Subspace Projection (WSSP) approach is presented. WSSP exploits the properties of projected subspaces to estimate the wideband DOAs. The proposed method is non-iterative and it does not require any prior DOA estimates, focusing, beamforming or transformation to reference frequency bin. Theoretical small perturbation analysis has been conducted that confirms the ability of WSSP to produce large peaks at correct DOAs. The validity of the proposed algorithm has been tested using a variety of typical wideband sources encountered in radar and wireless communication applications, including Chirp, QPSK and MC-CDMA. The performance of the proposed algorithm has been compared with those of previously existing algorithms via extensive simulation studies, in terms of bias and root mean square error (RMSE). The simulation results demonstrate that when compared to the existing methods, the performance of proposed method is accurate over a wide range of SNRs and it is not affected by the number of the source DOAs to be estimated.

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Department of Electrical Engineering

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