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Paul Bender (Committee Member), Yong Pei (Advisor), Mateen Rizki (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


In this thesis, we have designed and developed a motion tracking and visualization system using the latest motion tracking sensory technologies. It is one of the enabling technologies for our novel visual-inertial odometer and human anatomy based 3D Locating, Mapping and Navigation system for endoscopy and drug delivery capsules used inside GI tract. In particular, we have: i) designed and completed a cloud-based sensory data collecting, processing and storage system to provide the reliable computing and storage platform; ii) explored different data processing methods to obtain improved-quality motion results from extremely noisy raw data, e.g., by using a low pass and high pass filter, and Kalman filters; iii) developed low-complexity algorithms to support real-time data analysis; and, iv) provided real-time 3 dimensional visualizations by a Unity 3D based visualizer. In this thesis, we have also showcased the use of application processors, which are widely used in smartphones and tablets, to develop a potentially low-cost sensor system and networks with enhanced computing, storage and networking capabilities. Specifically, we have explored Android/Android Wear, Google’s open source mobile OS’s, enabled smart devices, such as Sony Smartwatch 3, and their built-in sensory capabilities to build our sensory system. The completeness and maturity of such a widely used mobile platform ensure a fast prototype design and development process, as well as significantly better reliability and usability. The reliability of our sensory system is further improved through the use of a database approach, such as transactions, for the data flow from sensors to mobile platform and eventually to the cloud. Thus, our prototype design provides a working model to collect sensor data from Android Wear, and then transfer and store them into the cloud for further processing and disseminations.

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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