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Assaf Harel (Committee Member), Joseph Houpt (Advisor), Scott Watamaniuk (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


The current research examined the role of global properties in human observers' scene perception. In Experiment 1, comparisons of four global properties ("natural", "manmade", "open", and "closed") were collected online from a wide range of subjective choices. These answers were analyzed in a pairwise comparison model to generate four standardized reference ranking scales describing the extent to which characteristics can describe scene global properties. In Experiment 2, scene images selected from the reference scales were used to test human's performance in processing global properties conjunctively. Cognitive modeling indicated that human observers were more efficient in categorizing scene images as "natural and open" but less efficient in classifying scene images as "manmade or closed" than the predicted baseline.

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Department of Psychology

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