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Frank Ciarallo (Committee Member), Mary Fendley (Advisor), Matthew Sherwood (Committee Member)

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Master of Science in Industrial and Human Factors Engineering (MSIHE)


An ideal work environment supports a culture of high performance, low mental workload, and quick turnarounds. The impact of noise on three types of tasks in a lab work environment were examined while attempting to identify correlations between a subject's personality and their tolerance to noise. Neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and extroversion correlated significantly with subjective (NASA-TLX) and physiological mental workload measures (heart rate variability and eye-tracking). The results show that task type impacts the performance, task duration, and mental workload. Although the physiological workload measures showed significant impact, the parameters standard deviation of R-R intervals and LF/HF ratio agreed with the NASA-TLX scores while the parameters RMSSD value and standardized mean of R-R intervals disagreed. Noise level nearly showed statistical significance with task duration and LF/HF ratio; however, more research is necessary to completely rule out the influence of noise level on the human participants.

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Department of Biomedical, Industrial & Human Factors Engineering

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