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David Dominic (Advisor), Ernest Hauser (Committee Member), Robert Ritzi, Jr. (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


This study focused on outcrops of the Lamotte Sandstone (Cambrian) within Hawn State Park near Farmington, Missouri. The goal was to estimate the channel depth, channel width, and channel belt width for rivers that deposited this portion of the Lamotte Ss. Sedimentary characteristics (grain size, bedding type and thickness, and unit bar and compound bar boundaries) were mapped within three outcrops on photomosaics and within graphic sedimentary logs (totaling 14 m vertically). The change in sedimentary characteristics from the lowest to the highest deposits studied suggest the formation and filling of a major channel within the braided channel belt. The thickness of cross-sets was used to estimate the height of formative dunes (45-91 cm), mean channel depth (2.7-9.1 m), mean channel width (545-1824 m) and channel belt width (758-3967 m). Similar results were obtained using other measurements from the Lamotte Ss., and these dimensions are similar to the modern South Saskatchewan River. The Lamotte Ss. has long been correlated with the Mt. Simon Sandstone of the Illinois Basin and the results of this study will help constrain models of heterogeneity in it and other fluvial reservoirs.

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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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