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John Gallagher (Advisor)

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Master of Science (MS)


Dealing with unexpected dynamic loads in Jet and Turbine engines have always been a matter of concern and an active area of research. This thesis is an initial attempt to apply Evolvable Hardware methods for augmenting classical control methods in a generic turbine engine model. In this work, the Air Force Research Laboratory Generic Turbine Engine Model was converted into C and interfaced with a simulation of a EH VLSI control chip currently under development. The simulated EH device was allowed to evolve to augment the simulated engine's standard FADEC controller so that the whole system could tolerate unexpected, large loads to its low-pressure compression shaft. The unassisted FADEC is not capable of this and will catastrophically fail when asked to do so. We will show that the chip can evolve an effective augmentative controller with relatively little computational expenditure and discuss how these techniques might be applied to similar problems in the future.

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Department of Computer Science

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