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Jonathan Reed Winkler (Advisor), Susan Carrafiello (Committee Member), Drew Swanson (Committee Member)

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Master of Arts (MA)


The current status of the literature involving radio broadcasts and music from the Cold War delves into either one area of concentration or the other. That is, either historians have little to no mention of radio, or historians explore music without mentioning radio. There are no studies that solely focus on the use of radio and music in combination with one another. This is what the thesis offers to this area of concentration. In addition to examining the use of radio and music in combination with one another, this work delves into radio directly after the conclusion of the Second World War and what its purpose would be as the Cold War progressed. Other areas of concentration are three music genres popular from 1953 to 1968, which helped with subversion against the Soviet Union and the Eastern European states. These three music styles are: jazz, rock and roll, and British pop music with a heavy focus on the Beatles. This thesis will argue that radio and music, in combination with one another, did contribute as a significant factor to the peaceful demise of the Soviet Union in the long term. In addition, both were used as a subversive measure that allowed those behind the Iron Curtain to experience Western culture.

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