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George P. G. Huang (Other), Hong Huang (Committee Member), Bor Zeng B. Jang (Advisor), Joseph F. Thomas, Jr. (Other), Henry D. Young (Committee Member), Xiaodong Zhang (Committee Member)

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Master of Science in Engineering (MSEgr)


Formic acid fuel cells show the potential of outperforming or replacing direct methanol fuel cells. A number of issues need to be overcome in order for fuel cells, specifically formic acid fuel cells, to be seriously considered for use in small electronic devices. One of the largest issues inhibiting the commercial success of fuel cells is the cost of the components. The catalyst and ion-conducting membrane, key components in a fuel cell, are both expensive. With the current amount of costly materials needed to construct a fuel cell, fuel cells will have limited success in becoming mainstream power sources in the near future. The focus of this research is to construct a new formic acid fuel cell orientation which can replace the expensive ion-conducting membrane with a more cost effective component.

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Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

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